Join the #1 community for Happiness Seekers

Happiness is not just a choice,
not a mental state,
Happiness is a Lifestyle

What You Will Get in 
Holistic Happiness Club

You will Learn the Lifestyle of Happiness which is nothing but connecting, nurturing, balancing inner world and outer world. 

A community of like minded individuals, who are committed to their own happiness, health and success. When you are with group of people with same goals as you, your growth accelerates multi-folds.

Highly curated and specific courses, combining timeless eastern philosophies with cutting edge wester researches to provide you the best of both worlds, with life time access.

Unique Advantages of Becoming a Member of 
Holistic Happiness Club



20+ Well curated and specific courses.
4 different membership levels.
Lifetime Access
Self paced learning 

Monthly challenges designed to cultivate positive habits.
Earn rewards for your consistent efforts.

Pair up with an accountability partner to stay motivated, share experiences, and celebrate successes together.



Courses and activities are designer in such a way that they give different insight to different individual.
So your path to happiness will be unique and individual to you, tackling your specific issue.

Live Q and A access for life. You can chip in whenever you want and can always get your doubts cleared. 
Practical tools, tips and practices designed to fit in regular lifestyle.
Elevating happiness and opening doors for health and success.



Connect with a vibrant community of individuals who share your passion for holistic well-being, fostering meaningful connections and friendships.

Regular workshops and webinars to fuel your Holistic Happiness Journey.
Contribute to charitable initiatives and causes that you believe in.
Promoting well-being not only for yourself but also for the wider community.

Subjects that you will learn about, inside
Holistic Happiness Cub

Inner Connect

Outer Projection

Belief System


Letting go and Surrender

Kindness and Compassion



Physical Health

Goal Setting Mastery

Decision Making Mastery

Time Management

Unleashing Yourself

Inner Voice Championship

Advanced Inner Connect

Perception Mastery